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Railway new gift to odissa by president of India: President Draupadi Murmu flagged off three trains from Tatanagar to Badampahad in Odisha, Governor Raghuvar Das was with him, this will be the timing of the trains and this will be the benefit.

President with Governor Raghuvar Das

Jamshedpur: President Draupadi Murmu on Tuesday flagged off three trains including Badampahad Tatanagar MEMU Express. On this occasion, he also laid the foundation stone for the revival of Badampahar station. After almost a hundred years, a direct train has started from Badampahar from stations like Tatanagar and Rourkela. To improve the connectivity of the President to his village, the Railways has repaired the line here and due to the strong infrastructure on the part of the Railways, it has been successful in repairing it. Odisha Governor Raghuvar Das, Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav, Union Minister Dharmendra Pradhan were also present along with the President. During this, Railway Board Chairperson Jaya Sinha also participated in the program. During this, in his address, President Draupadi Murmu praised the Railways that the Railways has given huge benefits to the people of his area because there were many problems in direct connectivity from here. With the establishment of railway infrastructure, the people of the area will benefit and the means of employment will also improve. During this period, Railways will also make huge profits. (Also read below)

Green flag shown to these trains:
President Draupadi Murmu on Tuesday flagged off three trains from her home constituency Badampahad. The President flagged off the Badampahad-Shalimar-Badampahar Weekly Express, Badampahad-Tatanagar-Badampahar MEMU Passenger and Badampahad-Rourkela-Badampahad Weekly Train.
This will be the timing of trains, this will be the benefit:

  1. Train No. 8147/08148-Tatanagar-Badampahar-Tatanagar MEMU-Tatanagar-Badampahar MEMU will depart from Tatanagar at 09.55 hrs and reach Badampahar at 12.15 hrs. In return direction, 08148 Badampahar-Tatanagar MEMU will depart from Badampahar at 12.45 hrs and reach Tatanagar at 15.20 hrs. The train will run 06 days a week except Sunday and will stop at Haludpukur, Sidhirsai, Bahalda Road, Aunlajori, Rairangpur, Kuldiha and Chhanua stations en route. This will be an additional MEMU train service that will connect the mineral rich areas of Badampahad in Odisha with the important industrial city of Tatanagar in Jharkhand. This new Memu service will be very beneficial for local traders, small traders, daily wage workers, students etc.
  2. Train No. 18051/18052 Badampahad-Rourkela-Badampahad Express-Badampahad-Rourkela Weekly Express will depart from Badampahad at 06.30 hrs every Sunday and reach Rourkela at 11.45 hrs on the same day. In the return direction, 18052 Rourkela – Badampahar Weekly Express will depart from Rourkela at 14.20 hrs every Sunday and reach Badampahar at 19.25 hrs on the same day. The train will stop at Rairangpur, Aunlajori, Bahalda Road, Tatanagar, Sini, Rajkharswan, Chakradharpur, Goilkera and Manoharpur stations en route. This express train will connect the mineral rich areas of Badampahad with India’s steel city Rourkela. This connectivity will definitely have a positive impact on business and industry for rapid growth and progress. Apart from this, students of Badampahar and surrounding areas will get easy access to educational institutions of Rourkela.
  3. Train No. 18050/18049 Badampahar-Shalimar-Badampahar Express-Shalimar-Badampahar Weekly Express will depart from Shalimar at 23.05 hrs every Saturday and reach Badampahar at 05.40 hrs the next day. In the return direction, 18050 Badampahar – Shalimar Weekly Express will depart from Badampahar at 22.00 hrs every Sunday and reach Shalimar at 05.30 hrs the next day. The train will stop at Santragachi, Kharagpur, Jhargram, Ghatshila, Tatanagar, Bahalda Road, Aunlajori and Rairangpur stations en route. This new train will provide the first express train connectivity between Shalimar/Kolkata (West Bengal) and Badampahad (Odisha) and will be the first night express train service from Badampahad/Rairangpur area. (Also read below)

The President also started this ,
The President will also lay the foundation stone of the redevelopment plan of Badampahar Railway Station. Under the Amrit Station Scheme, more than 1300 stations across the country are being developed with state-of-the-art facilities. Rs 12.22 crore will be spent on the development of Badampahar station of Chakradharpur division. Redevelopment of Badampahar Railway Station will enhance rail transport infrastructure and boost tourism in Odisha. At the same time, the new Rairangpur division of the postal department will also be inaugurated. The department will provide quality services to approximately 12 lakh population here. It will also fulfill the planned vision of providing postal and financial services to every citizen within a radius of 5 kilometers.

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