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Jamshedpur sikh naujawan sabha: Sikh Naujawan Sabha will take over the responsibility of traffic controlling in Nagarkirtan, Sabha unit doing excellent service will be honoured, the aim of Nagarkirtan is to reach the destination on time.

Jamshedpur: On the coming 27th November, on the 554th Prakash Parv of the first Guru of the Sikhs, Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the Central Sikh Naujawan Sabha will once again perform the service of traffic control on the Nagar Kirtan coming out of Bistupur ‘Ji’ Town Gurdwara Sahib. A meeting of the Central Sikh Naujawan Sabha on this subject was held on Monday in the office of the Central Gurdwara Management Committee (CGPC) under the chairmanship of Sabha President Amrik Singh, where the service of Nagarkirtan traffic controlling was handed over to various Naujawan Sabha units. Before the meeting, after the Ardas done by Manpreet Singh of Baridih, on the Prakash Parv of Guru Sahib Nanak Dev Ji on 27th November, services were distributed to various units while in-depth discussion was held regarding maintaining the traffic system, under which further services in Nagarkirtan. Gemco, Azad Basti, Palki ahead of all, Telegraph Company (Indranagar) and Sant Kutiya, from school groups to Palki Sahib on the left, Baridih, Golpahari and Namda Basti, from school groups to Palki Sahib on the right, Kitadih, Birsanagar, Burmamines, Stree. From Satsang Sabha Jatha till the end, on the left, Sitaram Dera, Manifit and Bishtupur, from Stree Satsang Sabha Jatha till the end, on the right, Kitadih, Tinplate and Kadma, at the end of Nagar Kirtan, Mango Naujawan Sabha Unit will be serving. Apart from this, Rajveer Singh Bhatia (7260014399) will serve in the special ambulance service. (Also read below)

Trilochan Singh, Inderjit Singh Inder, Sukhwant Singh Sukhu, Maninder Singh and Harvinder Singh will play the role of all-round controllers of Nagarkirtan. In the meeting, identity cards will also be issued to all the members of the Naujawan Sabha, along with this it was also decided to decorate all the members with white dress and saffron dastar. Pradhan Amrik Singh has said that there will be a complete ban on bursting firecrackers with bullets during Nagarkirtan. If found doing so, strict action will be taken. Organizations organizing service camps have been requested to distribute dry food items and ensure that disposables containing plastic are not used.(Also read below)

Central Sikh Youth has appointed two judges, Harvinder Singh and Gurbachan Singh Raju, who will evaluate the work of various meetings. On the basis of his decision, for the first time on the day of Central Diwan, the meetings doing excellent work will be honoured. In the meeting, Ranjit Singh expressed his gratitude to all the units of the Sabha. In the meeting, representatives of all the Youth Sabha units including mainly Pradhan Amrik Singh, Baljit Sansoa, Inderjit Singh Inder, Ranjit Singh, Sukhwant Singh Sukhu, Gurbachan Singh Raju, Maninder Singh, Malvinder Singh, Sartaj Singh, Satvinder Singh, Jagtar Singh Nagi, Many other members including Manpreet Singh, Jagpreet Singh, Trilok Singh, Zorawar Singh, Satpreet Singh participated.

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