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Jamshedpur police big success – Jamshedpur police got big success, bike theft gang exposed, two arrested along with 9 bikes, this is how stolen motorcycles are used, watch – video

Jamshedpur: Jamshedpur Police has exposed the bike theft gang on Tuesday, Sakchi Police has been active in it. In which two accused have been arrested along with 9 bikes. During this period, a total of 9 motorcycles have been seized, out of which five bikes have been recovered from Sakchi parking area and the other bike has been recovered from the house of the accused. The arrested accused include Vijay Mukhi (30), resident of Loco Colony, Parsudih and Sonu Kuruva, resident of Kadma Bhatia colony. There is also a brief history of Vijay Mukhi. While disclosing the bike theft gang, SSP said that a total of 9 bikes have been recovered during this period. In which some motorcycles are from Sakchi, while some have been stolen from Seraikela. (Also read below)

SSP said that the owner of a motorcycle of similar model is first discussed. At the same time, owner book is purchased for less money. Then the number of the bike is changed with the help of those owner books. After that the motorcycle is given on mortgage, due to which they earn more money. At the same time, the police cautioned the people not to fall into the trap of sharing the bike’s online book with any stranger at a low price. Thieves have adopted a new way of selling bikes. After the arrest of the accused, they were sent to jail on Tuesday.

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