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jharkhand temple theft- Theft in Ranchi Jagannathpur temple, theft of more than one lakh from the priest’s room, police started investigating the case, entered the room by cutting the window grill with a cutter.

Ranchi: There has been a theft in the Jagannathpur temple of the capital Ranchi. Thieves carried out the incident late on Monday night. Unidentified thieves took away many important items along with cash from the priest’s room inside the temple premises. As soon as the information about the case was received, the police started investigating. Thieves stole Rs 20,000, sound system, pen drive and decorative items from the priest’s room in the Jagannathpur temple complex. He carried out the theft in a vicious manner. The thieves entered the priest’s room by cutting the grill of the window with a cutter machine.(Also read below)

The surprising thing is that at the place in the temple complex where the priest’s room is, the window is at a height from the ground. Despite this, the thieves easily entered inside by cutting the grill of the window and stole it. On Tuesday morning, it came to light that a theft had taken place in the temple premises. This information was given to Dhurva police. Police reached the spot and investigated the temple premises. During this, Dhurva police station in-charge Vimal Nandan Sinha said that CCTV cameras have been installed in almost part of the Jagannathpur temple complex. The station in-charge said that the thieves are being identified with the help of CCTV footage. The in-charge said that while the thieves were carrying out the incident, they might have been captured in the CCTV camera. He said that whoever has committed this incident will be arrested soon.

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