Incidents of heart attacks in youth have no connection with Corona vaccine: ICMR

New Delhi, 21 November. According to a study by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the incidence of heart attacks in youth has no connection with the corona vaccine. The incidence of sudden death among youth has not increased due to corona vaccination, rather their family health history and lifestyle may be responsible for this.

In a study report released by ICMR on Tuesday, it was said that the possibility of sudden death among young adults in the country could be due to hospitalization after corona, family health history of death and lifestyle. ICMR included 47 hospitals in this study, which included patients between the age of 18-45 years who did not have any heart-related disease or other serious illness but died suddenly after corona. . ICMR studied the causes of deaths due to unexplained causes during the year 2021 to 2023.

The study also said that existing pollution conditions, smoking, alcohol addiction or excessive physical exercise can also be the reasons for sudden death. Along with this, the risk of sudden death also increases due to excessive alcohol consumption. However, the apparent reasons behind the sudden deaths in the last two years may be different.

It is noteworthy that a research by GB Pant Hospital has also found no relation between corona vaccine and increased risk of heart attack. A total of 1578 people were included in this study. The study found no scientific evidence of heart attack after taking the corona vaccine.

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