Big game terror Syria Gaza-Israel war being filled minds children exam they asked how many enemies died | Big game of terror in Syria! Gaza-Israel war is being filled in the minds of children, asked in the exam

New Delhi: Many countries of the world are looking differently at the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas. While on one hand some countries are standing in support of Hamas, on the other hand many countries are supporting Israel. In this sequence, a new case has come to light, where questions related to Gaza and Israel are being asked in the ongoing primary school examination in schools of Muslim countries supporting Hamas. In which it is being told that the Mujahideen in Gaza are defeating the enemy. A similar question was asked in the question paper of a school in Syria.

The Muslim countries supporting Hamas are also explaining to the primary school children in their countries that there is a war going on between Hamas and Israel in the Gaza Strip, in which Hamas is fiercely destroying the enemy’s tanks and their soldiers. The question asked to the children means that the Mujahideen are getting the upper hand on the enemy?

Examinations are going on in Abdul Rahman Bin Quranic School located in Idlib area of ​​Syria and the question paper of Mathematics in class five in this school came. The initial questions are related to simple addition, subtraction and place value. Whereas one question in it is directly related to the Gaza-Israel war. In this question it has been asked that the Mujahideen in Gaza destroyed 32 enemy tanks. There were 6 soldiers in each tank. Now the children have to answer how many enemies died in total.



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