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Britain PM Rishi Sunak said something like this during Covid…

Britain PM Rishi Sunak said something like this during Covid…
Britain PM Rishi Sunak said something like this during Covid…

Covid-19: British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak had said during the Corona epidemic that instead of imposing a second lockdown, some people should be allowed to die. It is reported that Dominic Cummings, the most senior advisor of PM Rishi Sunak, has claimed to have made this comment. According to news agency Reuters, former Chief Scientific Advisor Patrick Vallance quoted Cummings in his diary as saying that Rishi thinks it is okay to let people die.

Covid-19: A spokesman for Sunak said that Prime Minister Sunak will make his position clear when he presents evidence to the inquiry, rather than answering each question individually. The inquiry is understood to be examining the government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic which has shut down large parts of the economy and killed more than 220,000 people in Britain.

Corona wreaked havoc across the world

Covid-19: Senior government officials have repeatedly said that the government was unprepared for the pandemic and that a ‘toxic’ and ‘macho’ culture hampered the response to the health crisis. The danger for Sunak is that the inquiry’s evidence undermines his attempt to position himself as part of Johnson’s chaotic leadership transition, even though he was one of that government’s most senior ministers.

Corona had wreaked havoc across the world since January 2019. Due to this global pandemic, there were crores of deaths in the world and people remained imprisoned in their homes for a long time due to the lockdown. Corona in India was first accessed on 18 February 2020. After this, its figures kept increasing day by day. More than 47 lakh people have died due to Corona in India.

More than 2 lakh deaths in Britain due to Corona

Covid-19: Vallance referred to the meeting held on May 4, 2020. Actually, when Rishi Sunak made this statement, he was the Chancellor. There is an uproar in British politics regarding this revelation about Sunak. Meanwhile, PM Sunak’s spokesperson said that the Prime Minister will give some statement on this only after presenting the evidence. That more than 2,20,000 people have died due to Corona in Britain.

Written By: Swati Singh

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