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Did Mike Tyson take all the money for the movie “Liger”? Beyond star heroes..?

Vijay Devarakonda’s film Liger released on August 25th in Puri combination. It is known that there are huge expectations about this movie from the beginning. Puri thought that the movie would be a sure hit. On the other hand, after seeing Vijay’s look in the movie, they definitely thought that there will be matter in the movie. The teaser trailers of the movie have also raised the expectations. Bollywood beauty Ananya Pandey acted as the heroine in the movie.
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Similarly, this movie was made with a huge budget. On the other hand, the boxing legend Mike Tyson played an important role in this movie, which is set in the background of boxing. Before the release of this movie, the audience thought that Mike Tyson’s role would be in a range. But when the movie was released, they were shocked.

If Tyson wanted to play an important role in the film, he made his role a comedy. Actors have received huge remunerations for this movie. There is talk that Vijay Devarakonda has taken up to Rs. 35 crores for this film. Apart from that, Ananya Pandey was also given more than five crores.

It is said that Ramya Krishna, who played the role of mother, was also given a remuneration of up to one crore. Apart from that, it is said that Mike Tyson who came from Hollywood was given a remuneration of Rs.20 to Rs.25 crores for this movie. But it is not known to what extent there is truth in this, but this news is going viral.
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