Pawan kalyan: Pawan mania.. Theaters are full

Hyderabad: Powerstar Pawankalyan (Pawankalyan).. This famous craze is different in the market. Be it multiplexes or mass theatres, if this name and his figure are seen on the silver screen, the commotion of many fans will not be normal. That’s why whenever his movies are released, house full boards are seen. There is a buzz at the theater. Such a situation is now once again seen at theaters in Telugu states.

Papers, dances, boxing..!

The movie ‘Thammudu’ is said to be one of the super hits of Pawan Kalyan’s career. Celebrating Pawan Kalyan’s birthday on September 2, ‘Thammudu’ was re-released in many theaters on August 31. Some time after Prasad announced that it will be re-released in several multiplexes and single screen theaters in Telugu states along with IMAX, houseful boards appeared in those theaters. The noise made by Pawan’s fans at the theaters was reminiscent of the release of a new movie. Huge cutouts were arranged in front of the cinema halls and all the fans danced chanting ‘Jai Pawan Kalyan’. A similar atmosphere was seen inside the theatres. Pawan’s entry scenes, ‘Made in Andhra Student’ song, climax fight.. Fans danced with papers in every scene.

Now it’s ‘Jalsa’ turn..!

Another superhit film ‘Jalsa’ starring Pawan Kalyan has been re-released by the film production company on September 1. More than 501 shows are being played worldwide on this day alone. The theaters showing ‘Jalsa’ are full house. In particular, the tickets of all the shows to be played in the theaters of Prasad IMAX and RTC Crossroads have been sold out. Film analysts say that it is remarkable that the re-release film is getting so many shows. Pawan’s name is trending on social media in honor of the re-release of ‘Thammudu’ and ‘Jalsa’. Many videos have gone viral.

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