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It’s Mahendra Singh Johnny Anthony, Match Finisher: Basil Joseph

It’s Mahendra Singh Johnny Anthony, Match Finisher: Basil Joseph

Basil Joseph starrer Paltu Janwar is gearing up for release. The film is the story of Prasul, a young man who comes to Basil as a Live Stock Inspector. Johnny Antony also plays an important role in the film.

Basil Joseph says that Johnny Anthony is an important factor in Malayalam cinema. In an interview to Mathrubhumi News, Basil said that Johnny Anthony is the Dhoni of Malayalam and if he is unable to act in any film, he will send a substitute.

‘Johnny Chetan is now the Dhoni of Malayalam cinema. There is no film without Johnny Chettan. Johnny Chetan is the match finisher. Mahendra Singh is Johnny Anthony. It is the main ingredient of every film that comes out now.

While eating, Babu Chetan asks if he was not in Thallumala. Johnny Chetan said that Tovino’s father is behind. That’s right left. He said that he thought it was a picture without you, but you are in it. Then Johnny Chetan said that I had left one of my boys. Whoa, I’m that substitute. That’s it Johnny Chetan. If there is none, the substitute will be sent.

Basil also talked about handling directing and acting. ‘Paltu is acting in Janwar after Minnal Murali came out. If you ask me whether I prefer acting or directing, I would say directing. That has always been my priority. That is why I came to cinema. He got into acting by chance.

There is no need to jump on the bandwagon saying that this is the next film after Minnal Murali. Acting is in the gap between. But when it comes to the lead role, it becomes a bit more responsible. Beyond being a co-star there is a responsibility to take on that film. When it comes to directing, acting has to be stopped. There is such a balancing act going on,’ Basil added.

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