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Mentorship: A supportive mentor who says ‘you just fight’ is important Marathi actress Prajakta mali talk about mentorship in real life nrp 97

Mentorship: A supportive mentor who says ‘you just fight’ is important Marathi actress Prajakta mali talk about mentorship in real life nrp 97
Mentorship: A supportive mentor who says ‘you just fight’ is important Marathi actress Prajakta mali talk about mentorship in real life nrp 97

Prajakta Mali

A mentor is a guide! But tell the truth? Even in the beginning, I didn’t get a mentor. Every little thing began to struggle and gain its own. At that time, I never met anyone who really guided me by saying, ‘You should do this series or not’, ‘Now you should turn to films.’

Of course, in a sense, it happened a lot! You fall, get up and start again with renewed hope. Learn from mistakes. By doing this, you gradually start to break new ground at a young age. The strength you gain from knowledge and experience will last you a lifetime.

Now look at this! I am a girl from a middle-class family living in Pune! No one in the family is remotely related to this area or even to Mumbai. At that time I got my first serial ‘Suvasini’ and on that occasion I was introduced to Mumbai. It may sound like a lie, but Mumbai literally made me cry every day in the early days. Physically, emotionally, financially when all the tension was there! But later, it was Mumbai that brought me fame as an artist. introduced. Gave joy.

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When I came to Mumbai, I didn’t have much money in my pocket in the beginning. So I used to travel by train or bus only. It has far and wide shooting locations. I don’t want to know the maths of traveling to Mumbai. On Sundays, I used to reach the set within twenty minutes. On other days, the same journey would take two and a half hours. It was not clear how this happened for several days. I could not even afford a rickshaw ride due to the strain of money. Once I took a rickshaw from the station to go to the set for a single, I thought, oh wow! You become a celebrity! Even before that, I used to come to Mumbai from Pune with my mother for shooting. When I could not even afford a 150 rupees Asiad ticket. So we both used to travel in general coaches of the railway. My God! All around drunk, eating gutka, people with strange eyes! That fatal journey with them! Many times we both have traveled for three or four hours after shooting and getting tired!

Then some money came in hand. Then he started living as a PG in Mumbai. Bapre! Mother-in-law can afford it! All kinds of talk and harassment from why this pot was kept here to why even two drops of water was spilled here! He suffered alone for a long time. I used to get trolled even on the set. Classical dancers give ‘loud expressions’. Constant suggestions and taunts that acting like this doesn’t work on the small screen! It was a very difficult time! But while doing ‘Suvasini’ series I met a good friend, Vikas Patil. He himself is from Pune! So he taught me how to survive in Mumbai. He became my guide in everything from acting to ‘you should take your own small car instead of traveling by bus and train’. He taught me to be friends with Mumbai.

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But my mother created the artist in me! She really loved dancing. Then she became my passion. Later it became a passion and then a profession! At the age of six, she took me to Bharatanatyam classes. The situation is bad! Barely a handful! So fighting from paying the class fee! Class is far from home! She used to take me there on foot as she could not afford a vehicle. Hours in the rain-water! Grandmother’s strong opposition to dancing in the house! Her scream! But the mother endured everything alone until she saved the money! I remember when I participated in hundreds of dance competitions, she used to sew beautiful costumes for all the competitions. For that she learned sewing. She used to make the headband on her forehead from the leg braces herself. She used to make beautiful lace jewelery for me as I had no money to buy real jewellery. She used to sit with the recorder herself for my dance practice during social gatherings. It is true that I have won many trophies in dance competitions, but they do not bring money. Still, my mother gave me strong support. I then did many reality shows like ‘Dum Dama Dum’, ‘Dholki Chi Taavar’ only because of her encouragement!

She did my ‘arrangetram’ when I was in class 9, that too with a loan! She said, if we have done all this, we must also pass this fall on time! In order not to learn dance as a hobby, but to learn it properly, I did BA in dance from ‘Lalit Kala Kendra’ of Pune University. And M. A. Did, that too for her insistence! I am her most virtuous daughter. Just sit when you say. She doesn’t want to get up until told to get up, so obedient and honest!

Later, she turned me towards the field of acting through Nathya Chhata competitions and one-act competitions. For that, living alone in Mumbai and acting alone responsibly in these areas, she trusted me completely for all these things. Later, papa also got support. But in the beginning, taking permission from the family was also a very difficult task for her.

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My dance guru Parimal Phadke forced me to swim in Mumbai’s ocean for acting. He told me promptly that you will not progress by staying in Pune, you must go to Mumbai. My first dance teacher Swati Datar and my room partner Shraddha Kakade, who later replaced my family, have been instrumental in my success.

Madhugandha Kulkarni who encouraged me to buy a house and director Ajit Bhure who lovingly told me to enjoy my hard earned house! These churches gave very good guidance on how to live life not only professionally but also in general.

Nothing changed overnight in my case. It does not change. But fighting every battle is the reassuring hand of a mentor saying ‘you just fight’, which I got time and time again.

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The article is in Marathi

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