A grand pre-release event was held on the streets of Akasha

Gautam Krishna, Poojita Ponnada Coupled with GK Film Factory and Manoj Art Creations under the banners Gautam Krishna A youth full entertainer directed by the director.In the streets of the sky”.Manoj DJ, Dr.Manikantha produced the film.The film is coming to the audience on September 2. Prerelease event Grand as Music director along with film crew RP Patnaik, Producer Satish, Gopi Achanta, Rama Satya Narayana, Prasanna Kumar, Damodar Prasad, Director Narendranath, Jr. Pawan Kalyan etc event Participated in

“Akasha Veedhullo” is a pure youth full drama. This is a movie made only for youth. Youth watch this movie. You will definitely connect.

This movie is a slow poison. If you don’t like this movie after watching it, criticize me directly.

A Grand Pre-release Event In Akaasa Vegullo ,Gautam Krishna, Poojita Ponnada, Akaasa Vegullo ,Gautam Krishna, RP Patnaik, Producer Satish, Gopi Achanta, Rama Satya Narayana, Prasanna Kumar, Damodar Prasad, Director Narendranath, Jr. Pawan Kalyan-Grand Prerelease Event in Sky Streets-Latest News - Telugu-Telugu Tollywood Photo Image-TeluguStop.com

I have a lot of faith in this movie. This movie is returned by reality.

Story born from real life. Directed by passion. Every young star’s blood will boil after watching this movie. I believe it will get a lot of inspiration. It is not a movie made for critics. This movie is made for audience, youth.

This movie is not classy. It is the story of how a common boy became a rock star. I believe that this movie will definitely give you back the joy you lost in life. I asked for one chance to make a movie at home.

He trusted me and said ok. I don’t have any film background.


We have worked very hard for this film. Every film has difficulties.

The content is what the audience wants. The content of this movie will appeal to the young stars. Ask me if the theater is not a blast. “Akasha Veedhullo” is coming to theaters on September 2, Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s birthday. I am a big fan of Pawan Kalyan. A lot of support is available event Thank you to everyone who came. From 14-year-old boys to 40-year-old youths and even sixty-year-old people who are young at heart regardless of age will love this movie. Watch this movie on morning show. If you like it, take your family. They will also be your friend. as Everyone should watch this movie and give it a good hit.”

Seeing Gautham Krishna’s family reminded me of my family. It was because of the support given by my father and elder brother that I stood on this stage. Now I see myself in Gautham.

All the best Gautham.Welcome to the industry.

Two things seem to indicate that this movie will be a hit. Arjun Reddy came to mind while watching the trailer of this movie.


Like Arjun Reddy, this movie also has plenty of opportunities to connect with the youth. Another reason.

This movie has become a big hit. The songs of this movie have million views.

So many people are waiting for this movie.

Poojita is our Telugu girl. She should get a good name with this movie.

All the best to all the technicians and actors of this film. This film should be a big success.”

It has been four years since I entered the industry. I have done twenty films. But this is the film that gave me the satisfaction of doing a good film. This film is very special for me. Gautham Krishna is very brilliant. as took

It was also a good experience to act with him. I enjoyed this movie a lot Grand as took

Juda Sandy has given excellent music. The makers have made this movie without any compromise.

We are confident that everyone will like the content of this movie. The movie is coming on September 2.

Look everyone. You all need encouragement.”

Gautham Krishna is a good friend of mine. I met him when he was doing the biopic of Battala Ramaswamy. After starting the shooting of this film, there was some delay due to the pandemic. We used to discuss the film a lot in this gap. Congratulations to the Gautham family who made this film without any compromise.

I have seen this movie. It is extraordinary.

I was surprised to know that Gautham is the director of this film. Very brilliant as took

Youth will definitely like this movie. It has good technical values.

There is no difference between small movie and big movie.

Now the equation has changed. If you play a movie with good content, it will be a big movie.

The trend has changed. Gautham has made this film according to it. This film has a good name for everyone, the producers have brought money and Gautham should have a good future.”

The movie is amazing. I am very happy.

Gautham Krishna is very intelligent and loves movies.

He told me that he will do a film while in MBBS, but I told him to complete his medicine first.

He would have completed his PG, but he came into this field because of his love for movies.

My elder son Jagadish Manikantha encouraged me a lot for this film. He believed in Gautham’s talent.

My younger brother Raju also supported me. I watched the movie.

Very good. Congratulations Gautham.

He has performed very well. Thanks to everyone who is supporting the release of this movie. This movie is definitely successful. as will play” he said

“Akasha Veedhullo” goes beyond the sky as the name suggests. Gautham Krishna has made this movie like a very experienced director. Poojita is an excellent actress. All the best to the film unit. This movie which is releasing on September 2 should be a super hit with the audience.

Congratulations to Gautham Krishna who worked hard for this film as an actor, director, writer. The trailer is very exciting. Gautham Krishna’s rock star journey has raised a lot of curiosity. All the best to Poojitha Ponnada and the rest of the actors, technicians and producers. May the film succeed.”

Independent film making is very challenging. However, independent films achieve great success. Most of the time, small, independent films are what boost the industry. Gautham is very happy to have family support. Gautham Krishna did what he wanted.

The real journey starts from here. All the best to all the film unit,” he said

It is a rare thing that Gautham Krishna is introduced as a writer as well as acting in the first film. Gautham is supported by his family. as A very appreciable point to have.

Gautham Krishna has worked hard in all departments for this movie. If this movie succeeds then the credit will go to him. I wish this movie will definitely succeed.

“Akasha Veedhullo” was made like a family project. I saw Gautham Krishna’s father as a father who would provide whatever his son wanted.

Also, Gautham’s brother is very supportive as As an actor, director, writer, producer, Gautham Krishna never compromised.

Gautham is lucky to have family support. Audiences are supporting films with content other than small and big.

This is an industry where big stars have come with small films. This film should also give good success to Gautham Krishna,” he urged.

.It is common that Dr. Kaboi became an actor as It is said that Gautham Krishna became an actor after becoming a doctor and also became a director. It is a success to write a good story and bring this film to the audience.

This movie is sure to be liked by the audience. It has good music.

This movie was made without any compromise. Pujitha Ponnada along with other actors gave good performances.

He wanted this film to be one or two of the films released on the second date.

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