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Samar Singh-Akanksha Dubey’s tremendous romance in the song ‘Chhagalwa Bajta Raja’, real chemistry was seen – Akanksha Dubey Samar Singh new bhojpuri Song Chhagalwa Bajta Raja release tmovb

Whenever Samar Singh, the desi star of Bhojpuri cinema, brings a song, he gets engrossed. Samar Singh is known for his excellent singing and delivery. He also proves this talent in every of his videos. Perhaps this is the reason why every one of his music videos is also a super-duper hit. Like at this time his song ‘Chhagalwa Bajta Raja’ is everywhere.

Samar Singh new song
Samar Singh and Akanksha Dubey’s new music video ‘Chhagalwa Bajta Raja’ has been released. In this video, both Bhojpuri stars are seen adding a touch of romance. In the song ‘Chhagalwa Bajta Raja’, the pair of Desi Star Samar Singh and Akanksha Dubey are seen in the role of husband and wife. In the music video, Samar and Akanksha have romanced fiercely as husband and wife, seeing which the fans are getting a lot of entertainment.

Samar Singh and Akanksha Dubey starrer song ‘Chhagalwa Bajta Raja’ was released on Samar Singh’s official YouTube channel. The chemistry of both the Bhojpuri stars is getting a lot of applause in the song. Although many videos have been filmed on husband and wife in Bhojpuri music world till now, but this song of Samar Singh is quite different and special in many respects.

Are there Samar-Akanksha in relation?
Often on social media, there are talks about the relationship between Akanksha Dubey and Samar Singh. But he himself never said anything on his relationship. But the way the chemistry of both in the music video is touching. Seeing that, it seems that both are in a relationship in real life too. Akanksha Dubey has also done most of her career songs with Samar Singh, which has also been well-liked.

Samar Singh and Akanksha Dubey starrer song has got 198,526 views so far in a day. Comments on the music video are also coming very well. Seeing those, it seems that this song is going to make many records in the future. Lyrics of the song are written by Sonu Sanehi. The music director is Vikas Yadav. The song is sung by Samar Singh with Neha Raj. If you have not heard this song till now, then add it to your playlist soon. Long journey will be cut easily.

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