Johnny Depp removed the diamond necklace from such a place that you will feel disgusted… Girlfriend was also shocked!

Johnny Depp and Kate Moss: Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has been in the news for a long time. He was in the limelight for the past several days due to Amber Heard’s case against him. But now another information related to him has come to light. This has been disclosed by his first ex-girlfriend.

Johnny Depp is also known for his affairs. In 1994, Johnny Depp dated famous model Kate Moss. Now recently Kate Moss spoke openly about Johnny Depp and their relationship in an interview. Kate Moss revealed that Johnny gave her diamond jewelry.

When Johnny removes the diamond necklace from his bump…
In an interview with a leading online portal, Kate Moss shared a memory of looking at a magazine photo. Kate Moss noticed the diamond necklace she wore when she saw photos of her look at the 1995 CFDA Fashion Awards in the magazine. Talking about this necklace, Kate Moss said, ‘This diamond necklace was given to her by her ex-boyfriend and actor Johnny Depp.’ After seeing that photo, Kate Moss said, ‘This was my first necklace.

Elaborating, Kate Moss said, ‘We were going out to dinner and then Johnny said to me, ‘There’s something in my bump’. Will you see I replied, what? I put my hand in his pants, a diamond necklace came out.’

Kate Moss also spoke about her relationship with Johnny Depp. His 1994 airport look was also in that magazine. At Los Angeles International Airport at the time, Kate wore a leopard print ripped white tank top and blue jeans. .

Kate said, ‘This photo is from when I met Johnny. I was going from New York to Los Angeles to see Johnny. This was the time when I lived my life very freely and was free to do anything.

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