Milind Soman: Such a birthday! When Milind Soman grabs his wife’s feet at a height of 17,000 feet…

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Published on : 1 September 2022, 12:11 pm




Milind Soman Latest News Actor Milind Soman has shared exciting photos on social media wishing his wife Ankita Konwar on her birthday. In the photo, both can be seen posing at a height of 17 thousand above sea level. Milind’s photo looks like he has visited a kangaroo in Ladakh. However, a question is being raised from a photo she shared.

In the photos, Milind looks dapper as ever in a jeans-jacket. The popular gamcha, a symbol of Assamese culture, is also seen around the neck. Ankita is from North-East. Ankita looks gorgeous in yellow jacket and blue lower. Milind and Ankita are seen hugging each other in a photo. In the second photo, Ankita is standing and Milind Soman is sitting holding his legs. The question is arising in the minds of the users from this photo.

Ankita’s birthday was on Wednesday. While sharing the photo, Milind wrote in the caption, ‘My dear, I know you had a great birthday yesterday. I was right there!!! What a great and beautiful start to the new year at 17,000 feet above sea level. I will love more every year. I wish that all the good and wonderful things you dreamed of come true. You are the best.’

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How can Ankita remain silent on such a beautiful post of her husband? She replied, 17,000 feet seemed fine with you. Along with this, Ankita also posted a heart emoji. She is 25 years younger than Milind Soman. But what about love, love does not depend on age. Milind is very adventurous and Ankita also fully supports him. That is why their love life is also very adventurous.

However, various questions are arising in the minds of users from the photo. Milind Soman asked why he grabbed his feet. Also many bombarded the question. Perhaps it was his way of saying ‘Ankita, you are my everything’, said one.

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