Pawan Kalyan Birthday: Actress Surekha Vani says I will give 100 kisses to Pawan Kalyan

Surekha Vani says I will give 100 kisses to Pawan Kalyan: Surekha Vani.. There is no need to tell Telugu movie fans about this name. Playing the roles of elder sister, Vadina and aunty of the heroines, she shone on the silver screen with her own performance. Surekha got good recognition especially with the movies where she acted with star comedian Brahmanandam. All in all, she is known as a homely beauty in the Telugu film industry. Although the film opportunities have decreased in recent times.. they shine every now and then.

Surekha Vani is not only entertaining on the silver screen, but also creating a stir on social media. By following the trend from time to time.. by wearing short short dresses and making the boy look cool. Surekha Vani and her daughter Suprithala’s buzz has started since the lockdown. Since then, the mother-daughter duo has been creating waves in the hearts of boys by posting hot photos and dance videos. The videos of the two dancing together have gone viral. That’s why Surekha’s social media accounts are in high demand.

It is known that Surekha Vani is going to get married for the second time. Surekha responded to this news.. ‘The news that she is getting married for the second time is untrue. I am not interested in getting married now. If it is done, the one who has a lot of money should come as a husband. He said that he should take good care of me. Supreeta jokingly said that let’s marry her mother for the second time. Supreeta laughs and says that she wants to get married because she always eats her burra at home.

If this is the case.. Which hero in the Telugu industry is currently given a hundred kisses? Surekha asked Vani and gave an interesting answer. He replied that he would give a hundred kisses to Power Star Pawan Kalyan. These comments are going viral on social media. It is known that tomorrow (September 2) is Pawan Kalyan’s birthday. With that, two Telugu states are rocking with Pawan mania.

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