What is the reason for Sumanth being single all these years?

Sumanth is a hero who has just entered the industry.A love story directed by Ramgopal Varma Sumanth entered the industry for the first time as a hero in 1999.

After that, even though he acted in more than those old movies, there are very few movies worth mentioning in his career. Satyam, Madhumasam, Golkonda High School, Again Rawa, Seetharam Movies like these are good movies in his career.

We all know that no matter what his film career is, his personal life is also full of ups and downs. Loved and married Kirti Reddy in 2004 Sumanth two years Divorced without eating.

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Whatever the reasons for their divorce Keerthy Reddy got married again She is settled in her married life. Not only she has two children but she is living well in America.

But Sumanth He is still single without marriage.

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However Sumanth Like this Alone Reasons for staying what Many people don’t know that. Just like Keerthi Reddy Sumanth It is said that many fans want to get married again and settle down.But the intention of another marriage Sumanth It is very clear that there is no. Even if his film career failed, he said that he does not have any problem and he wants to stay like this because he has good support from his family.

Anyway, his age is like this Alone to stay A lot of people like it For Akkineni fans No swallowing.


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