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Lalit Modi-Sushmita Sen’s break-up sparks discussions due to change on social media Lalit Modi Sushmita Sen Breakup Rumors On Social Media After IPL Founder Changed Social Media Profile nrp 97

Lalit Modi Sushmita Sen Breakup: Actress Sushmita Sen is always in the news for her Bollywood career as well as her personal life. Former IPL chairman Lalit Modi had admitted his relationship with Sushmita Sen through social media a few days ago. After that, the relationship of both of them was seen being heavily discussed on social media. Not only this, there were also rumors that they would get married soon. But now there is a discussion that both of them are not related. A change made by Lalit Modi on his social media has sparked these discussions.

Lalit Modi is always active on Instagram. They are always sharing various photos and videos. A few days ago, Lalit Modi shared a picture with Sushmita in a tweet. Along with that, they had also publicly acknowledged their relationship. “Just returned to London from a trip to Maldives, Sardinia with the family. This time my ‘better half’ Sushmita Sen was also with me. Finally a new beginning and a new life has begun. There is no limit to my happiness,” Modi had tweeted.
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Lalit Modi had changed his Instagram bio. Lalit Modi has written in his Instagram bio as ‘Common Personality, Founder of Indian Premier League i.e. IPL’. “Finally I am starting a new life with my new partner. My love Sushmita Sen”, he also mentioned in his bio.

But now Lalit Modi has once again changed his Instagram bio. In this he has changed his profile photo with Sushmita. He has also removed the information from his Instagram bio. Due to this, there has been a strong discussion that there is something wrong between the two of them. There has been a discussion on social media that Lalit Modi suddenly changed his profile or broke up.

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Meanwhile, Lalit Modi is already married. But his wife died of cancer in 2018. Lalit Modi and Minal got married in 1991. They also have two children. Their names are Alia Modi and Ruchir Modi. Ruchir lives with Lalit Modi in London. Lalit Modi’s daughter got married a few days ago.

On the other hand, Lalit Modi and Sushmita Sen have known each other for many years. They have been close friends for many years. They are often seen sharing various photos and videos on social media. Interestingly, they often share posts for each other as well.

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