5 movies that made Sathyaraj name beyond heroes.. Friend movie virus ultimate

5 movies that made Sathyaraj name beyond heroes.. Friend movie virus ultimate
5 movies that made Sathyaraj name beyond heroes.. Friend movie virus ultimate

Sometimes, beyond the protagonists, some character of the film sticks in the mind of the audience. Sathyaraj is doing a lot of good characters in his second innings. Moreover, some of the characters are such that you forget the hero of the film.

Baahubali: In Baahubali, Sathyaraj will be playing the character of ‘Kattappa’. A fictional story based on a historical story. In this, Sathyaraj is a war commander who is true to the country and to the goddess Sivakami who rules the country. The same Kattappa would kill Amarendra Baahubali. The second part of the film replaced the question of why Kattappa killed Baahubali.

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Friend: Sathyaraj will play the role of Virumandi Santhanam, the principal of the engineering college where Vijay, Srikanth and Jeeva study. Students call him Virus. A virus that thinks only education is important for life will change his mind due to an incident in his life.

Unrepentant Youth Association: Sathyaraj is known for copycat satire. The scenes of the Sathyaraj-Goundamani-Maniyavannan combo are unforgettable even today. While watching Sathyaraj in the second innings as father, cop, villain, he again played the old copycat satire as Sivanandi in this film. The Sathyaraj-Sivakarthikeyan pairing is a treat for kids and adults alike.

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Baby Lion: Sathyaraj played the character of Ranasingham as Karthi’s father. He who wishes for a male child and has children in succession will marry his wife’s younger sister at some point. This is the story of what happened in his family after that.

Note: Nota is an entirely political story. Sathyaraj Mahendran will play the character in this. A political leader listens to a preacher and makes his playboy son the chief minister. The story is about the political game played by his son, who attracts office against his will.

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