Vishnu Vishal Son And Wife Attends Aaryan Movie Function | Vishnu is such a big son of Vishal’s photo is going viral

One of the rising heroes of Tamil cinema, Vishnu Vishal has a significant fan following. He is currently acting in a film titled ‘Aaryan’ directed by debutant director Praveen K, starring Selvaragavan, Shraddha Srinath and Vani Bhojan. Vishnu Vishal is playing a police officer in this film, Vishnu is playing a strong police character after Rakshasan in this film. It is also said that Vani Bhojan will play a forensic expert and Shraddha a show host in the film. The title of this film has a sentimental connection with actor Vishnu Vishal as the name of Vishnu Vishal’s son is the same as the title of the film.

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Vishnu Vishal had shared on social media about the relationship between himself and the title of Aryan. Aryan shared the film’s first look and motion poster on his social media, and said, “My son’s name is now the name of my film, it has become a memorable title for me,” and also mentioned his co-stars and the director. Currently, the work of Aryan has started in full swing with a pooja, actor Vishnu Vishal along with his wife Juwala Khata and son Aryan are attending the pooja of the film.

After that, actor Vishnu posted some pooja pictures of Aryan on his social media page, in which only a few people can feel this bond, thank you for clapping Juwala Khata with Aryan for Aryan, and also mentioned that this will be a super special film for me. Vishnu is very happy to attend the film show with his family.

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