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Cobra.. such a bad collection for Vikram’s movie!

Despite not having a notable hit for a decade and a half, Chiyan Vikram, who continues in the industry with his acting prowess and continues to attract interest every time till the trailer of his movie, has a very bad experience with Cobra.

This movie could not even get the minimum openings in Tamilnadu! Even Tamilians didn’t take Vikram’s movie seriously after seeing the long trailer! On the first day, the film collected up to 9 crore rupees. But the situation changed from the second day itself.

The collection on the second day was two and a half crores and on the third day the collection fell below two crore rupees. The effect of the weekend is not visible on this movie. If you turn around, Cobra Grass collections have not crossed at least 15 crore rupees till now! The trade talk is that unless a miracle happens, there is no chance of Vikram’s film breaking even.

The collections of four or five days are giving clarity that we should not even hope for break even! The budgets of Vikram’s films are in the range of 100 crores due to stylish making. Not getting even a tenth of the share at the box office is not new!

The collections of this movie make Vikram’s career questionable. It is becoming difficult for Pattumani to earn ten crores in Tamil itself.. Vikram needs to take a complete look at his story choices. If this continues, there is no chance that this actor’s career will end!

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