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Covering losses? – Andhrajyothy

Covering losses? – Andhrajyothy
Covering losses? – Andhrajyothy

CineIf we are good.. everything is good. In success meetings, the director sits praising the hero, the hero and the director. If there is a difference in the result, there will also be a difference in the calculations. Those who made the film and those who bought it will be overwhelmed. After that, buyers start pressurizing the producer. They insist that ‘damages must be compensated’. Recently, people have seen many such cases. Now the same scenes are being repeated in the case of two more movies. Recently released in Bollywood, ‘Lal Singh Chadha’ faced a huge failure. Starring Aamir Khan in the lead role, the film flopped at the box office. Producers have lost a lot with this movie. Now it is reported that Aamir Khan has come forward to compensate for that loss.

Bollywood sources say that he is ready to give back Rs.50 crore from his remuneration. Not only that, Aamir also agreed to do another film for Viacom 18. He told the producer that he would complete a film by 2024. The same is the case with ‘Liger’ in Telugu. This is a film produced by Vijay Devarakonda – Puri Jagannath combination. Released amid huge expectations… it remains a disaster. In Telugu states, this movie was sold for around Rs.90 crores. Trade sources say that more than half of it has been lost. It seems that he is ready to pay the full compensation. Inside sources say that Puri called the buyers and gave them a clear assurance. If a movie is a hit, it is usual for the producers and heroes to pocket the profits. If it is a flop… it is an inviting development to share the burden of those who believed in the film. Puri and Aamir should be appreciated in this regard.

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