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Bandla Ganesh Says He Loves Jr NTR So Much

Bandla Ganesh Says He Loves Jr NTR So Much
Bandla Ganesh Says He Loves Jr NTR So Much

Bandla Ganesh Says He Loves Jr NTR So Much: It is known that the KCR government has been targeting NTR ever since the last minute cancellation of permission for the Brahmastram movie pre-release event to be held at Hyderabad Ramoji Film City on September 2. Meanwhile, at the same time, Bandla Ganesh made an entry and tweeted I love you KCR sir, you are a tiger, and NTR’s fans were enraged.

In this way, if NTR, who calls himself Young Tiger, cancels the permission at the last minute, will he say I love you to KCR? They are targeting Bandla Ganesh on a large scale and tweeting whether he will praise him as a tiger. Moreover, Pawan Kalyan’s fans are also criticizing Bandla Ganesh. They claim that doing this is not correct at all. But there is no clarity on why Bandla Ganesh posted this tweet.

But NTR’s fans are all angry as Young Tiger has been targeted. But recently, Zee Telugu News conducted a live debate on the same subject. Similarly, some articles have been published on the website. Bandla Ganesh responded to the article published on the website. Bandla Ganesh said that he loves KCR and also loves his hero NTR more than him. Bandla Ganesh, who shared the Zee Telugu News article, made comments to this effect. However, there is no clarity on the matter of why Ilaview is said to be KCR in this way.

Even if Bandla Ganesh himself responded and gave some clarity on this matter, it is not known why he tweeted in the first place. But currently one word trend is running on Twitter. According to this one word trend, Twitter users are tweeting any one word of their choice on Twitter. Many movie celebrities and political celebrities have already become a part of this one word trend. There is no possibility to think that Bandla Ganesh also did that. Because one word should be KCR or I love you, but his tweeting at length to make I love you KCR mean you are a tiger has now become a topic of discussion.
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