Kamalhaasan Speaks About Vettaiyadu Vilaiayadu 2 Movie | Play Hunting 2 – What’s Kamal Saying?

Simbu – Mautham Vasudev’s reunion film Ventu Thanithan Kadu. Based on a short story written by Jayamohan, the film is directed by A.R. Rahman has composed the music. The film is produced by Wales. The audio and trailer launch was held. Simbu, Kamal, Rahman, Gautam Vasudev and others participated in it.

Speaking at the ceremony, Kamal Haasan said, “Bhartiyar’s lines are the forest that has been extinguished.” I like it very much. Its next lines are, “Thaal Kunchenendum Mooppenendu Undo”. I hope this film also has that fire. Chancellor of the University of Wales, Isari Ganesh, calls me like a father. To him, I don’t do anything alone.

It is the Tamil film that is stopping the Tamil film. Taming a Tamil film is a Tamil film. To give a good picture. Fans will accept a new give and take. Tamil fans have not abandoned good films. There is no actor who has taken Tamil cinema by storm. It’s just the fans. People will support. Simbu is a hard worker. I want to see Simbu Anand shed tears at the film’s success.

Gautham Vasudev said 2 years ago about Play Hunt Part 2. But in between Corona has come. I don’t ‘miss’ opportunities like this when asked to do a film at Wales Films. We can finish talking tomorrow.” As a result, the expectation has arisen that the production of the company Wales will produce a hunting game 2.

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