Check financial history and CIBIL score of your partner before marriage

Check these things before marriage: If you too are thinking of marriage, what are the general things you need to know about your partner? What is the background of the partner’s house? What are the preferences of the partner? What is the nature of the partner? Information about partner’s health? These things are known in general, even about the partner’s salary. But there is another very important thing, which is not much asked or discussed.

Loan Repayment Ability:

Usually no one considers the debt repayment ability of your partner while deciding marriage. This is something that is often overlooked. After marriage everything is gradually understood and then quarrels or quarrels start.

Marriages break up abroad because of this too

It should not be an exaggeration to say that people in foreign countries are more conscious about financial matters than in India. Asked about the financial discipline of the partner before marriage abroad. Often this is also guaranteed. Often the marriage breaks up if the partner’s Cibil Score is bad abroad.

It is necessary to know financial habits

It is important to know the financial habits of your partner before marriage. As a couple you should share your credit history with your partner. This will give you a complete understanding of your partner’s financial habits.

What is CIBIL Score? CIBIL Score And CIR

CIBIL Score stands for Credit Information Report. In this detailed report, when did you borrow, did you repay the loan on time? How many credit cards do you have? It contains all the information about how many EMIs you have paid on time and how many late payments you have made.

You can order this report online. You can get this information in just five minutes.

Check financial history and CIBIL score of your partner before marriage

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