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Karthik’s work without trusting Vijay Sethupathi.. Is this all good?

Karthik’s work without trusting Vijay Sethupathi.. Is this all good?
Karthik’s work without trusting Vijay Sethupathi.. Is this all good?

There were reports that Vijay Sethupathi will play a villain in one of Karthi’s films. But now there are reports that the team has signed a Telugu actor to replace Sethupathi. This is a big disappointment for the fans who were expecting Karthi-Vijay Sethupathi alliance.

Actor Karthi’s 24th film has been announced after the films Viruman, Ponniin Selvan and Sardaar. The film is produced by Dream Warriors Pictures and directed by Rajumurugan. The film is titled Japan.

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Raju Murugan has already directed Joker, Cuckoo, Gypsy. Joker movie won National Award. In the movie Cuckoo, the love story of two blind people has been told very beautifully. After that he directed Gypsy with Jeeva.

Raju joins Murugan Karthi after Gypsy. The shooting of this film started last July. Vijay Sethupathi was originally cast as the villain in this film. Now there are reports that Telugu actor Sudeep will act in his place.

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Actor Sudeep has already acted in Tamil movies like Naan Ee, Mutinja Ivana Pudi, Puli. However, if Sudeep’s film is popular among the Tamil people, it is Naan E.

Both Karthi and Vijay Sethupathi can act very realistically. While the fans are eager to see the combo of these two on screen, it is reported that Sethupathi is not in the Japan film. Similarly, Vijay Sethupathi’s much-anticipated debut in Pushpa 2 was a disappointment.

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