4 WWE Superstars Who Surprised Fans With Clash at the Castle Appearance

WWE Clash at the Castle featured several Superstars

Clash at the Castle: The WWE Clash at the Castle event ended a few hours ago. Many tremendous matches were booked in this event and WWE truly made this event worth watching. All the 6 matches that took place in the main show won the hearts of the fans. Along with this some surprises were also seen.

Tyson Fury appeared during the show and had already announced his appearance. Apart from this, some other wrestlers came and shocked everyone. So in this article we will talk about 4 Superstars who surprised everyone by coming to Clash at the Castle.

4- Carrion Cross appears at WWE Clash at the Castle

There was no hope of Carrion Cross appearing in Clash at the Castle. In fact, he had no match in the event and had not interfered as much in the rivalry between Roman and McIntyre since his return. Apart from this, it was told in the reports that he will not be a part of the UK event.

During the show, he was seen sitting among the fans with his wife Scarlett. Apart from this, he also interfered in the match between Roman Reigns and Drew McIntyre. He is seen distracting Drew and has hinted at his match against the Scottish Superstar from here.

3- Shocking appearance of Bret Hart

Bret Hart enjoyed the Clash at the Castle show sitting among the fans. Actually, he did not announce this thing and that is why his sudden appearance on WWE television was definitely a bit shocking. He didn’t become a part of Clash at the Castle in any other way.

Bret Hart’s appearance at this event had a different significance. Actually, he was a part of the main event match of SummerSlam 1992, the last event of WWE in the UK. That’s why WWE asked him to enjoy the show by bringing him here and also respected him. It was a good thing.

2- Giovanni Vinci again joined the Imperium

Gunther has been seen with his Faction Imperium since his debut in WWE. Ludwig Kaiser (Marcel Barthel) and Giovanni Vinci (Fabian Eichner) were present in this faction. However, on his main roster debut, Günther was accompanied by Barthel, who was renamed Ludwig Kaiser.

Fabian, on the other hand, was repackaged and made Giovanni Vinci. He was seen in the NXT brand. Fans were missing Vinci in Imperium and WWE made up for it. He once again showed the three companions on TV. The thing got an overwhelming response from the fans as no one expected it.

1- Solo Sequoia helped Roman Reigns

Roman Reigns and The Bloodline just got STRONGER

Welcome Solo Sikoa

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Roman Reigns and The Bloodline just got STRONGER Welcome Solo Sikoa https://t.co/Uo2zEwv6O5

Solo Sequoia was supposed to be the next member of Bloodline in WWE. Solo had impressed since his NXT debut and fans wanted to see him with Roman. Now that opportunity has come. The Usos could not be a part of the show for some reason and Paul was not with Roman.

That’s why Rance needed a partner. During this, Solo Sequoia helped him and gave him a victory over Drew McIntyre. Everyone was overjoyed to see this because everyone in Bloodline wanted to see Sequoia. Roman and WWE made their wish come true by shocking the fans with this debut.

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