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So many lakhs? Mahalakshmi’s monthly income is this much! Secret Released After Ravindir’s Marriage | Ravinder Mahalakashmi wedding: What her monthly income and work?


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Published: Sunday, September 4, 2022, 14:48 [IST]

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Chennai: Many netizens are unnecessarily criticizing actress Mahalakshmi for marrying producer Ravinder for money.

VJ Mahalakshmi. Producer Ravindir recently got married. Ravinder is working on film production and distribution.

He has produced films including Drumstick Chips. In addition, he has been posting videos on some YouTube channels. This is also the second marriage of Ravinder Chandrasekaran.

Actress Mahalakshmi's response to negative comments... this result is also correctActress Mahalakshmi’s response to negative comments… this result is also correct



In this situation, many netizens are criticizing that Mahalakshmi married Ravinder for money. Ravinder is chubby, why should this girl marry him. It’s all about money, he’s a producer. That’s why many netizens are commenting rudely that Mahalakshmi has agreed for marriage.



This comment from some netizens is also facing severe criticism. What if that girl marries? It is wrong to criticize that Mahalakshmi married Ravinder for money. It is their personal matter. It’s personal. Netizens should not comment on all of this, and some netizens are responding.



It is at this stage that information about the income of Mahalakshmi month has been released. He has been in media for over 20 years. Earlier he was a show host at Sun TV. Accordingly, he is acting in two prime time serials. He is also acting in two films. He is also acting in some commercials and shows. It is said that through this he gets a salary of 3-4 lakh rupees per month.

Monthly income

Monthly income

He also earns several thousand through other shows. It is also said that he is committed to some more films. Besides this, his father is also a great dance master in cinema. His father Shankar Aiya has been a dance training master in various films. He has worked in Baahubali, R A R Ponni’s Selvan films. In this situation, the netizens have responded asking whether Mahalakshmi, who is rich on her own, will marry someone for money.

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Ravinder Mahalakashmi wedding: What her monthly income and work?

Story first published: Sunday, September 4, 2022, 14:48 [IST]

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