Dileep Actress Case; A slap in the face to those who say Dileep is a bad person says santhivila dinesh | ‘A slap in the face to those who say Dileep is inferior; Reason for Dileep not replying..’; Shanthivila Dinesh

A new film is being prepared in collaboration with Dilip Arun Gopi. Tamannaah is the heroine of the movie. Tamannaah is acting in Malayalam for the first time. It is also heard that Suresh Gopi is in that film. Then it will be a big picture. The crowd gathered for the puja ceremony of the film was equal to slapping the faces of those who came for the final discussion and said that Dileep is inferior.

Not one thing, some of them have been lying for years.. Here are some political leaders who are in trouble


‘Every girl went to Dileep and saw him taking a selfie. Would any girls go and take a photo with a torture hero? The crowd was convincing that Dileep was not tortured, he had an honest life and was falsely framed for enmity with him.’

'It should be said that Dileep paid the money, the police harassed the complainant'; Shanthivila Dinesh‘It should be said that Dileep paid the money, the police harassed the complainant’; Shanthivila Dinesh


‘Dileep has nothing that a superstar needs. His stardom is hard-earned. He wants each of his films to be successful and to regain his lost star status. If such a case had come against me, I would have committed suicide’.


What a mental conflict Dileep is facing. He was taken, his younger brother and brother-in-law were taken. His wife constantly puts pressure on Kavya, putting pressure on their mother and family. Whatever is said will be interpreted differently. Dileep can’t say anything now. That is why he is silent when the doomsayers shout at him.


‘Dileep’s forgiveness must be acknowledged, what allegations were leveled against him. Dileep is willing to give me 10 lakh rupees to pay off the fine from time to time, but I didn’t buy it even though he came home saying that he should buy it.’


‘Balachandrakumar’s false statement is that he offered 10 lakhs to Shantivila Dinesh to speak for Dileep on channels. But it is not so. Balachandrakumar came to see him saying that he had made a film or a serial and returned the money in installments. Balachandrakumar honestly said that he did not take that money’.


Those who only tell lies against Dileep cannot stand in front of Dileep’s popular influence. When I saw the people who came to meet Dileep at the Kottarakkara temple, I realized that Dileep’s influence over the people has not diminished at all.

The article is in Malayalam

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