‘I don’t think about the budget when Lal sir is with me’; Anthony Perumbavoor says

First Published Sep 4, 2022, 3:25 PM IST

Aashirvad Cinemas is a banner that has given many superhits in Malayalam cinema. From 2000’s Narasimha to 12th Man, 30 films have been released under this banner. Mohanlal’s directorial debut Burrows has three more films to come. Aashirvad produced the highest budget films in Malayalam so far. Directed by Priyadarshan, Marakaar: The Lion of the Arabian Sea, starring Mohanlal as the title character, had an investment of 100 crores. Prithviraj’s directorial debut Lucifer and Burroughs are big budget films. Anthony Perumbavoor’s answer to the question of where he gets the courage to make films in Malayalam with such an investment is because of Mohanlal. Antony and Mohanlal are talking in an interview that came out through the YouTube channel of Ashirvad Cinemas.

I don’t think much about the budget when a guy named Lal sir is with us. It is the feeling that if something happens to us, we will be taken. That’s why you can go for films with a budget of 100 crores or more. Lucifer was the most expensive film in Malayalam at that time. At that time, the carpenters are walking. After that there is a great triumph of Lucifer. When Mohanlal is going to do a film like Sir Burrows, my duty is to make all the facilities for it. It doesn’t matter if you look at the financial figures. He is not a person who has planned the film by looking at the exact figures while making someone else’s film. Because it stars Mohanlal sir, says Anthony.

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Mohanlal also says that he is afraid to take up big films with another producer. First, they should be ready for it. And if there is any doubt about spending money while the production is going on, it is not true, Mohanlal’s words.

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