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Biju Menon burst into tears at that beating

Biju Menon burst into tears at that beating
Biju Menon burst into tears at that beating

Biju Menon, who was a good boy in school and college, was beaten up only once in his life. But it was a quick blow. While studying in high school. Went to Thrissur Jose Theater to watch the movie ‘Irumbazhikal’. Pooram crowd in front of the gate. Somehow he came forward by crashing through the crowd and infiltrating. When the gate opened, without looking left or right, a single run towards the ticket counter. Suddenly a handsome man grabbed him from behind and broke his arm. That’s when Biju noticed the big gold necklace in his hand. He beat the necklace, which somehow broke during the commotion, thinking it was a scam. Biju burst into tears. Those gathered around understood the innocence of the boy in his school uniform. That day Biju returned home without even stopping to watch the movie. The memory of that blow hurt my mind for a long time and I lay like that.

Was he so quiet in school and college?

There were little jokes and pranks. But he did not fight with anyone. Being the son of a policeman, other children would not have grown up with me so quickly. I was not going to knock on anyone because I thought that my father would get bad name.

But when he came to the cinema, he became a beating hero?

That’s how it happened. It is because of my body nature. Four and five foot stories come to me. I am not very interested in anything. I prefer folk roles. Except for being a movie actor, I am completely normal. Even though Ayyappan and Koshi had a hit, there were some lives and their stories behind it. That’s why people are still talking about it.

Isn’t Southern Tallukase a base?

It has a nice beat. But, this is not fundamental. The film is based on the short story ‘Amminippilla Vettukase’ by GR Indugopan. When it was scripted, it became a bit more beautiful and powerful. The story takes place during 85-86. The era has been recreated with 100 percent justice. That period can be seen in the appearance and costumes of the characters. The background is a village in Kollam and the life there. I see it as a good family film with emotional moments and love.

It has two strong female characters. Nimisha Sajayan and Padmapriya are playing those roles. The role of Podiyaan played by Roshan Mathew is also very important.

Newbie director N. How did Sreejith reach Bijumenon?

Sreejith and Rajesh Pinnadan were the screenwriters of the film Pakita in which I acted. A couple of other stories were discussed with them. Finally got to this story. This film is written by Rajesh and directed by Sreejith.

The article is in Malayalam

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