Sudhir Babu is using Mahesh Babu again

Sudheer Babu Kriti Shetty as the hero and heroine The movie should tell you about that girl It is ready for release. Mohana Krishna Indraganti has directed this movie which is going to be released in Telugu states on September 16th.

His last film is the director of various films ‘v’ Disappointing. With that, he took a gap and made this film.

Sudhir Babu At this time, he should also get a big commercial success. So everyone believes that he will get good success with this movie.

Promotion is important for the movie, so this movie trailer you Mahesh Babu To be released by hand Sudheer Babu Feeling

For that Mahesh Babu you Information is being received that he said OK when approached. Sudhir as the hero Babu Most of the past films he acted in Mahesh Babu you tribe He used

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Even now Sudheer Babu you He also started using it.Sudheer Babu and Kriti Shetty Expectations are huge with the acting, especially the trailer of this movie you Mahesh Babu If it is released, it will definitely get more success than that Mahesh Babu fans They are confident. At present, the promotion programs related to the movie are going on in full swing.

Big movies are also releasing this week. But next week Sudheer Babu The film has no competition.


So definitely good openings you There is a chance to get it.

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