No matter what happens.. No matter how much I give, I will not go to Bigg Boss.. Singer Smitha’s shocking comments?

Big the boss A reality show We all know about this Big the boss Realty Show Key Entry Popularity There are many who have earned it.

Also with lots of popularity Big the boss There are people who enter the house and come out with twice as much negativity. Big the boss House K Apart from gaining good popularity after entry On the silver screen, bully on the screen Opportunities are coming.

If not, many of them Big the boss The tribe likes to participate in the show Big the boss They keep making negative comments about the show itself.

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like that Big the boss There are as many supporters as there are critics Big the boss Show no Western culture It is known that it has been designed keeping in mind.

Many of these Big the boss In a reality show If I ask if I will go if I get a chance to participate, some people will definitely go.

Among such Singer Smita Also one.Singer Smita Also Big the boss When asked if she would participate in the show if given a chance, she replied in her own style.

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Indeed Big the boss To a reality show I will not go. Even if someone says to go, if it is my close friends, I will say no. Those who have gone like that i am It’s not like criticizing. I don’t like it. Throw it in and beat it. It’s bad to order.


That said Smita Big the boss A reality show She expressed her opinion about the matter Big the boss When the news about the show was heard Singer Smita It is known that large-scale campaigns have been going on saying that they are going to participate.

But in what circumstances she put a pull stop on that news Big the boss Show K She replied that she will not go.

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