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Vinayan Interview | Vinayan Movie

Vinayan Interview | Vinayan Movie
Vinayan Interview | Vinayan Movie

When the time-marked Aratupuzha Velayudhapanikar, Kayamkulam Kochunni and Nangeli meet in the same story, director Vinayan brings it to the screen with excellence; Through the movie ‘Nineteenth Century’. Coming back with a big film, Vinayan says – ‘Now everything I do will be big films’. Vinayan opens his mind as ‘Nineteenth Century’ hits the theaters this Thiruvonada.

How did you get into the movie ‘Nineteenth Century’?

This is the biggest movie of my life. The subject of the 19th century cinema is a historical area that no one has talked about yet. Although Kayamkulam Kochunni is full of movies and stories, no one has featured Aratupuzha Velayudhappanikare and Nangeli yet. I am Ambalapuzha. Their stories have been heard since childhood. Aratupuzha Velayudhapanikar and Kayamkulam Kochunni have met and clashed. His was the first name to be considered in Renaissance history. He even inspired Sree Narayana Guru. Even the king respected the velayudhapanikar.

The reason why big films don’t happen earlier?

After the movie Adbhutadweep, I got involved with some film groups and it became a situation that I would not do any films. Vashiku was making films without any necessary technology with the people he had to hold on to. I have done a number of films in my career that have not yielded anything except the satisfaction of beating some people.

This movie is introduced by Mohanlal. The movie ends with Mammootty’s voice. I don’t have any major problems with anyone, except for having a baby beauty crush with a small group of directors. It is only now that a big producer like Gokulam Gopalan gets to do favorite films.

He is a person who opposes stardom. Has that attitude changed?

I have no objection to stars. Actors or talented artists were not objected to. The opposition is to the supremacy and certain positions in the film. There is no change in that. Forming organizations should not eliminate and prohibit one’s work. I reached the Supreme Court earlier when some of my director friends caused a misunderstanding. It was Mammooka who publicly said in the meeting of ‘Amma’ in 2017 that banning people like Vinayan is not right. Mammootty and Mohanlal, who are the drivers of Indian cinema, are collaborating in the new film. It is to know that they are with me as an artist.

New movies?

There is Mohanlal’s movie. The story is under consideration. Before that, another big film may be done. Bheem is my favorite character in Mahabharata. A one-line story has been done with Bheem as the central character. The visual given to MT Sir Bhima is before us all. Not so the giant in my mind. If the audience accepts Siju on a different level through ’19th Century’, they will proceed with the film with Siju. Siju will be the only one from Malayalam in that big movie. Other actors will be from other languages.

The article is in Malayalam

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