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Who is the Bollywood star hero who is earning Rs. Crores from rent alone?

Usually in the film industry Celebrities in the industry They get good recognition and get a huge amount of remuneration. Like this, the celebrities who have earned well in the industry by taking crores of rupees as remuneration, use their money to buy ventures and flats and get profits by renting them out.

Like this In the Bollywood industry It must be said that many celebrities invest in ventures in expensive flats and earn profits in lakhs per month.

Like this Bollywood He is a well-known actor in the industry Salman Khan They are also in the same mood.

Who Is The Bollywood Star Hero Who Is Earning Rs Crores From Rent Alone, Bollywood Star Hero, Actor Salman Khan, Rent Crores Per Month, Suburban In Mumbai, Many Areas In Mumbai, TNSI Retail Pvt. .. Who-Latest News - Telugu-Telugu Tollywood Photo

Although Salman Khan is still single, he is earning heavily by acting in a series of movies. In this order, it seems that he has expensive properties in many parts of Mumbai.

To him Suburban in Mumbai But that place is very expensive Salman Khan Future Retail Group It seems that it was leased to

Telugu Salman Khan, Bollywood, Areas Mumbai, Per, Suburban Mumbai, Tnsi Retail Pvt-Movie

Affiliated to Future Retail Group TNSI Retail Private Limited The lease was renewed on September 5. It is known that the said retail group company is paying a monthly rent of 89.6 lakh rupees for the lease, but this is only for the first year and the second year together they have to pay a rent of 94.08 lakh rupees. Rent crores per month This place is taken up in a total area of ​​27650 sq.ft. earning Salman Khan is one of them.


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