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Booker winner Hilary Mantel has died – Hilary Mantel

Booker winner Hilary Mantel has died – Hilary Mantel
Booker winner Hilary Mantel has died – Hilary Mantel

London ∙ Two-time Booker Prize-winning British novelist Hilary Mantel (70) has passed away. The first book in the famous ‘Wolf Hall’ novel trilogy won the Booker Prize in 2009. The second book ‘Bring Up Body’ won the Booker in 2012. The third book ‘The Mirror and Light’ was released in 2020. She is the first woman to win the Booker twice. Wrote many popular TV serials and dramas.

‘Wolf Hall’ tells the life story of a historical man named Thomas Cromwell in the backdrop of 16th century England. He was praised for presenting the historical story in a readable manner. His first novel is ‘A Place of Greater Safety’ (1979), set in the context of the French Revolution. The novel was initially rejected by publishers because of its length.

A second contemporary novel, ‘Everyday is Mother’s Day’ (1985), was critically acclaimed. With the publication of ‘Wolf Hall’ in 2009, Mantel became one of Britain’s most widely read authors. The ‘Wolf Hall’ trilogy has sold more than 5 million copies worldwide. Translated into 41 languages.

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