Bigg Boss 6: Bigg Boss season 6 will surely feature this… the famous celebrity! – bigg boss ex contestant names bigg boss 6 contestant

A former contestant has confirmed that he will definitely participate in Bigg Boss Season 6.

Big Boss

The show Bigg Boss has been airing on Vijay TV since 2017. So far 5 seasons have successfully completed and the 6th season will start soon. Kamal Haasan, who hosted this season and the last 5 seasons, will host it.

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Bigg Boss 6 coming soon

The final phase of the work is going on at a brisk pace. Also, the teaser and trailer for Bigg Boss season 6 has been released and is getting well received among the fans. At the same time, the information about the competitors is also coming out.

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In that way, the names of DD, Rajalakshmi, Darsha Gupta, VJ Anjana, Raja Rani Archana, Roshini Haribiriyan, Manisha Yadav and others are being mentioned in Bigg Boss Season 6. In this case, Fatima Babu, who participated in Bigg Boss Season 3, has given information about the contestant who will participate in Bigg Boss Season 6.

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Satya serial

Accordingly, Ayesha, who is acting in the Satya serial aired on Zee Tamil TV, has said that she will participate in Bigg Boss Season 6. Meanwhile, Satya serial will also end soon. Thus, as Fatima Babu said, Ayesha’s chance to participate in Bigg Boss show has brightened.

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