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Amala Paul at Maldives Vacation Photos from sun siyam iru veli

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Actress Amala Paul is famous in Tamil cinema with the movie Maina. Directed by Prabhu Salomon, Vidharth and starring Thambi Ramaiah and others, Amala Paul’s portrayal of a village character named Maina won praise from many.

Following this, actress Amala Paul has acted in various films with leading actors Vikram, Vijay, Dhanush and others. In particular, Amala Paul acted in ‘Thalaiva’ with Vijay, in ‘Velaiilla Bhattadari’ with Dhanush and in ‘Theivathirumal’ with Vikram.

Amala Pal, Amma Kanto, Akshay, Cadaver and other films have garnered praise.

Actress Amala Paul is active on social media. He uploads photoshoot photos and videos from time to time. It is well received by the fans.

Currently, Amalapal has posted pictures of herself on the beach of Maldives on Instagram. Amalapal posted that he took these photos in the early morning sun at the beach.

These photos are currently getting a lot of response among the fans.

Amala Paul at Maldives Vacation Photos from sun siyam iru veli

Amalapal is staying at the Sun Siam Iru Vela star hotel on the Maldives coast. The hotel is located in the Aluvipushi area of ​​South Atoll Island in the Maldives. A stay at this beach resort charges between Rs 40,000 to Rs 50,000 for a day’s rent alone. An added bonus is that the hotel is located on a wave-free beach. It is noteworthy that this atoll island is located 145 km from the island of Mali. It is located at a distance of 40 km from Talu Airport.

Amala Paul at Maldives Vacation Photos from sun siyam iru veli

Amalapal recently got married to singer Pavinder Singh. Amala Paul is next acting in movies like Atho Anda Pariwe Pola. She is acting in Malayalam movie ‘Aadujeevitham’ with Prithiviraaj.

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