MGR is a killer in this one thing…! A fact that no one knows yet..!

Actor and revolutionary leader actor MGR made a great revolution in cinema. The leader of our revolution entered the cinema after a great struggle in economic crisis. As far as cinema is concerned, MGR is the one who stands before our eyes as the king.

He fits the character of the king perfectly. He got interested in politics while acting and joined the party. He broke away from the Dravida Party and formed his own Anna Dravida Party.

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It became easy for him to get involved in politics as he was perceived as a person who was empowered by the people while he was in cinema. He reached the post of Chief Minister only because of the power of those people. He got recognition like no one else in cinema.


No actor has ever received the Bharat Ratna. Nam MGR is the only actor to have won the Bharat Ratna. No one before or after him has received this award. Kollywood circles say that is his specialty.

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