Mohandas Sukhtankar Actor Passed Away At 93 Age

Mohandas Sukhtankar Actor Passed Away At 93 Age
Mohandas Sukhtankar Actor Passed Away At 93 Age

Mohandas Sukhtankar : Veteran theater actor Mohandas Sukhtankar has passed away. He breathed his last at the age of 93 living in Mumbai. Mohandas Sukhtankar did theatrical service for a long time through the Goa Hindu Association. Also ‘The Goa Hindu Association’ has an important place in his theatrical journey. He first joined the organization as an artist and later on as an ‘activist’.

Worked in plays and films

Mohandas acted in many popular plays like Raigadala Jag Jag Yea. Apart from dramas, he has also acted in Marathi films like ‘Kaiwari’, ‘Javai Mazha Bhala’, ‘Chandane Shimpeet Ja’, ‘Thorli Jau’, ‘Wat Tehte Punvechi’, ‘Janmdata’, ‘Porka’, ‘Premankur’, ‘Nivadung’. .

Mohandas Shripad Sukhtankar was born on 21 November 1930. His father Shripad Sukhtankar was a renowned doctor of Goa. He did medical service as a social work. His mother was also independent minded.

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The first role
Mohandas Sukhtankar spent his childhood in Goa. He acted in a small play for the first time when he was studying in Class II in Marathi school ‘Saraswat Vidyalaya’ of Mhapsha. The name of that Natukali was ‘Khodkar Bandu’. Not because of acting, but because of constant chatter in class, Arondekar master punished him for working in that play. Mohandas Sukhtankar’s cheeks were colored for the first time on the occasion of that play. When he won the award for playing the lead role of the mischievous Bandu in Natukali, the audience applauded his boldness. It was because of this play that Sukhtankar got a taste for drama. On that occasion, he also realized that he was originally interested in acting.

Mohandas Sukhtankar appeared in ABP Mazha’s program Natak Gappa. He discussed many topics on this occasion.

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