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Nithin: Nithin is going to divorce his wife.. but..?

Published Date: December 6, 2022 5:43 p.m

Nithin: Looking at the title, is it true that Nithin is going to divorce his wife? Don’t worry about that. Not in real life.. in reel life.. same in his new movie. Nithin, who recently came before the audience with the movie Macharla Constituency, received a huge defeat. Nitin is determined to get a good hit this time. In this background, he is pursuing a series of projects. Already the writer-cum-director has officially announced that he is making a film under the direction of Vakkantham Vamsi. Nithin will be seen as a smuggler in this movie.

Along with this film, the young hero is doing a film under the direction of Venky Kudumala, who gave him a hit like Bheeshma. This movie will be made as a family drama. The insults that happen in the story of a guy who divorced his wife and is single will be shown in an entertaining way. It is reported that the pre-production works have already been completed and soon this combo will officially announce their film. And it remains to be seen what kind of success Nithin will get with these two films.

The article is in Telugu

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