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Ashu Reddy Bold Interview with Ram Gopal Varma Again

Ashu Reddy Bold Interview with Ram Gopal Varma Again: Dangerous is the latest film directed by controversial director Ram Gopal Varma. Starring Apsara Rani and Naina Ganguly as lesbians, Palak Singh and Raj Pal Yadav played other key roles in the film.

Ramgopal Varma directed the film and produced the film himself. Actually this movie was supposed to release in the month of May itself but due to many reasons the movie is getting postponed. RGV has planned the promotions of the movie in the background of finally bringing this movie to the audience.

In this background, an interview was planned with Ashur Reddy. Not only planning an interview, but the photos of her being seen in a shot dress and talking to Ramgopal Varma sitting near her legs are going viral on social media.

He has also prepared to release the interview related to this. Some netizens are commenting that Ramgopal Varma, who is trying to lose four stone after getting a hit with that movie by any means promoting the movie Dangerous, should he stoop so low.

But Verma is trying to move forward in his own style. Take a look at those photos.

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