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It has come to light that the Instagram account of the actor Arun Kadam, who is popular with the audience, has been hacked due to the ‘Maharashtra Comedy Festival’. This hacker has deleted all the photos of Arun Kadam and shared different photos of himself from Dadus’ account.

Actor Arun Kadam has made his mark in the Marathi entertainment industry. Audiences know him as Ladka Dadoos. Currently, he is making the audience laugh out loud through the popular comedy show ‘Maharashtra’s Laughter Jatra’. In recent times, many artists keep in touch with their fans through social media. They share their daily life experiences with their fans through photos or videos. But, often artists face social media hacking.

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Arun Kadam became a grandfather a few months ago. He shared photos of his grandson and moments from his christening ceremony on Instagram. But, by deleting all these photos, the hacker has taken over their account completely. He has also shared his own photos on this blue ticked account. Arun Kadam has not yet given an explanation to anyone about this.

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arun kadam
Arun Kadam’s Instagram account hacked

Meanwhile, like Arun Kadam, many celebrities in the Marathi art world have faced hacking before. Facebook-Instagram accounts of Amrita Dhongde, director Kedar Shinde, actress Ksiti Jog were also hacked in the same way.


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