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Can Chiranjeevi talk about Mansoor Ali Khan? Netizens teasing the mega star

Can Chiranjeevi talk about Mansoor Ali Khan? Netizens teasing the mega star
Can Chiranjeevi talk about Mansoor Ali Khan? Netizens teasing the mega star

Actor Mansoor Ali Khan’s controversial talk about actress Trisha has created a stir in South Indian cinema. The film industry is insisting that strict action should be taken against him.

Mansoor Ali Khan, who recently met the media regarding the movie Leo, expressed his displeasure that he did not get any violent scenes in the movie Leo. In this he used Trisha’s name and spoke demeaningly. Actress Trisha was shocked to see this video and expressed her condemnation.

Today Telugu actor Chiranjeevi, popularly known as Mega Star, tweeted his support for Trisha condemning Mansoor Ali Khan’s speech. In it, I condemn some of the comments made by actor Mansoor Ali Khan about Trisha. These comments are disgusting not only for an artist but also for a woman. I stand with Trisha on this matter and every woman who is subjected to such cruel comments,” she posted.

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Although Chiranjeevi was correct in condemning Mansoor Ali Khan, Chiranjeevi is now being taunted by an old incident.

3 months ago, the promotion of Polo Shankar (Vedalam Telugu remake) was held. They released a video of Chiranjeevi talking about Keerthy Suresh and questioned whether Chiranjeevi could talk about Mansoor Alikhan.

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Keerthy Suresh will play Chiranjeevi’s younger sister in Polo Shankar. Speaking at the promotion of this film, Chiranjeevi said, I can’t accept that a beautiful girl like Keerthy calls me Anna. I told Keerthy Suresh to stop calling me Anna with this one film.



I will not miss doing romance scenes with him in a different character in the next film. Impressed by his amazing pictures. Working with him is as beautiful as sailing on a river. had said that. His detractors have been taunting Chiranjeevi by posting a related video.

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