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This is the reason why actress Rachita broke up with Dinesh

Actress Rachita

Rachita is one of the actresses who flew the flag on the Tamil screen. He came to Tamil cinema through the Vijay TV series Privom Chandnivom and acted in the serial by portraying himself as black in the first series. As this series reached, he got an opportunity to act in the serial Saravanan-Meenakshi.

Then he continued to act in serials like Naam Irovar Ukke Irovar, Nachiapuram, Idusolla Moranda Kathi.

He also participated in the 6th season of Bigg Boss but did not win. It was through the show that Rachita was revealed to be separated from her husband Dinesh.

Actor’s parents interviewed

Now that Dinesh is participating in the 7th season of Bigg Boss, his parents have given an interview. When they talk about it, we don’t say anything wrong about Rachita, the two are now separated.

Rachita is very good, her character is good but now she is under misbehaviour. Actually, Rachita is not the kind of person who can stay apart for so long.

But we don’t know how he is now. Similarly, we will not believe any kind of false news about Rachita. They have said that she is not that kind of woman.

The article is in Tamil

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