Actress Jolly Chirayath Opens Up About How She Lived In Ex Husband’s House; Words Goes Viral


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Updated: Tuesday, December 5, 2023, 17:33 [IST]

Actress Jolly Chirayat has been noticed in the film industry recently. Jolie got the best role in movies including Vichitram. Jolie entered the film industry in 2017. Jolie does not hesitate to express her opinions openly. Jolly Chirayat has already spoken on issues including remuneration. Jolly Chirayam’s autobiography was released recently. The title of the autobiography is Burning Seas.

People want to see you beat your chest and cry; Tara and I talked; Sindhu Krishna

These are the words spoken by Jolie while talking about the book in an interview with Saina South Plus. Jolly Chirayat spoke about her broken marriage. Jolie says that she could not adjust to the situation at her husband Balu’s house. Jolly Chirayat also says that Balu was given books like Communist Manifesto but Balu did not read any of them.

Actress Jolly Chirayath

It is not seen as a crime or a deficiency. I came to the thought that people who have read such a book do not need this practice. At the same time, Jolie says that there is a problem with seeing things as ideals. Jolly Chirayat also talked about her experiences at her husband’s house. After all the men come and eat late at night, the women and workers of the house eat.

3bec5e94b3.jpg‘The second marriage was a folly, I do not live for a man, no more marriage’; Sajna!

It is the mother’s way there. But the children are not ready to oppose it. Those who talk about labor politics have no concern. Revolution is in my blood. I am Balu’s partner. Naturally, one should sit with Balu and eat at Balu’s dining table. That house stands in patriarchal system.

Actress Jolly Chirayath

I am the daughter-in-law who went in without any dowry. Our family is financially poor. They think that we did not accept her. They do not listen to these things. It was a big problem for me that even with five types of dishes, not everyone gets everything. I felt that I did not have the freedom to take food when I was hungry.

9450d4854f.jpgIshani’s friend Arjun called me; I wonder what it is; About daughter Sindhu Krishna

Chetan’s wife will say that they haven’t eaten when they try to take us. I didn’t understand it. Isn’t food meant to be eaten when you are hungry? It’s right back at my house. It was an atmosphere of feeding the hungry and then praying.

We do not have permanent workers. There will be seasonal workers. Then we all eat together. But Jolly Chirayat stated that she could not understand the situation in her husband’s house.

In her autobiography, Jolly Chirayat talks about divorce with her husband, problems in married life, love affairs etc. The audience recently saw Jolly Chirayat in the movie Pulimada. Joju George and Aishwarya Rajesh played the lead roles in the movie.

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Actress Jolly Chirayath Opens Up About How She Lived In Ex Husband’s House; Words Goes Viral

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