Rajayogam : ‘Rajayogam’ Movie Review!

Rajayogam : ‘Rajayogam’ Movie Review!
Rajayogam : ‘Rajayogam’ Movie Review!

First Published Dec 30, 2022, 1:39 PM IST

Rajayogam is a crime comedy film directed by Ram Ganapathy. Sai Ronak and Ankita Saha in lead roles. Released in theaters today. So what is the story of the movie.. Did the audience like it? Or? Let’s see that in the review.

‘Rajayogam’ is one of the youth entertainer films that hit the theaters today. This movie, which came to the audience with an interesting plot, has gained the attention of the youth. Whether it’s a small film or a big film, if the story is good, the audience will go crazy. It is becoming a super hit film. In this order, let’s find out how this movie that came before the audience in the crime comedy genre.

Title : Rajayogam
Actors : Sai Ronak, Ajay Ghosh, Praveen, Giri, Bhadram, Shakalaka Shankar, Thagubothu Ramesh, Chimal Srinu, Sijju, Madhunandan
Producer: Mani Laxman Rao
Co-Producers : Dr. Shyam Lohia, Nandakishore Darak
Banner : Sri Navabala Creations, Vaishnavi Nataraj Productions
Music : Arun Muralidharan
Written and directed by Ram Ganapathy
Release Date : 30 December 2022

Story : A middle class boy Rishi (Sai ​​Ronak) works as a mechanic. He goes ahead with the goal of experiencing luxury life in life. A young woman from a rich family wants to get married and settle down. In this sequence, he goes to a star hotel to deliver a car and falls in love with the car owner’s daughter. At the same time, Radha (Ajay Ghosh) travels with his team to capture a diamond worth 50 crores. In this order Sri is also leaving with Radha. Why did she leave Sri Rishi? When did she meet again? The rest of the movie is about the challenges faced to get the diamond.

Story : Audiences are always interested in crime comedy films. The movie ‘Rajayogam’ came in this genre. It is remarkable that the titit is in accordance with the story of the film. A middle class boy falls in love for a luxurious life. But director Ram Ganapathi, targeting the youth, failed to reach the family audience with bold comedy and out-of-bounds romance. The first off will be fun with comedy, romance scenes and many twists. The twist in the interval increases the interest in the second half. But the second half is not as great as expected.

Pluses and minuses: Hero Sai Ronak and heroine Akinta cultivated all the emotions. Entertained with comedy, romance and action. The story is very routine. The narrative is also similar. It seems that director Kasta has failed to bring something new. The way the characters are made is good. Background music is okay. The music was not very impressive. Cinematography is good. Editing could have been better. The production values ​​are also in line with the story.

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