This is Keerthy’s lover!.. Keerthy Suresh family put an end to Vijay affair..

Lately some false rumors about Vijay have been doing the rounds in Tamil cinema and among the general public. In particular, a news released yesterday shocked everyone. The unimaginable incident went viral on the internet yesterday.

vijay keerthy

In other words, there were some unnecessary rumors that Vijay and Keerthy Suresh were having an affair and therefore Vijay was going to have an affair with Sangeeta soon. Due to this rumors started that Sangeetha did not attend the music release of Varisu.

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Vijay and Keerthy Suresh first teamed up through the film Bhairava. After that, both of them paired up in the film Sarkar. There were many rumors that Vijay’s wife came to know about this habit and reprimanded him.

vijay keerthy

Also the photos of Vijay Keerthy Suresh close up at the shooting spot went viral on the internet. This news caused a lot of buzz among the fans yesterday. Keerthy Suresh’s family has opened up to put an end to these rumours.

In other words, it has been said that Keerthy has been in love with someone since she was in school and that she is going to marry him. Keerthy’s lover has a resort in Kerala. They have also said that both our families are going to conduct their marriage together.


bye keerthy

Also Keerthy has also said that she introduced her boyfriend to Vijay and that Vijay also came on his boyfriend’s birthday. They also said that they are planning to hold their wedding after 4 years. Bismi told the news on the web.

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