All arts and crafts; AI systems to amaze and amaze the world – Artificial intelligence series | Malayalam News, Editorial News | Manorama Online

All arts and crafts; AI systems to amaze and amaze the world – Artificial intelligence series | Malayalam News, Editorial News | Manorama Online
All arts and crafts; AI systems to amaze and amaze the world – Artificial intelligence series | Malayalam News, Editorial News | Manorama Online

The police is coming with a new evidence to Georgekutty, who has cleared the doubts and bad reputation of his name in connection with the murder of Varun Prabhakar. This time, the police is trying to trap George Kutty, who saved his own family, in a false case by turning a real murder into reality.

With the same ability Georgekutty used to deceive the police, this time the police arrested Georgekutty for a crime he did not commit. Realizing that he will be punished in the case if he does not prove his innocence within the given time, Georgekutty once again brings out his wits and the story takes an exciting turn. Georgekutty and his family face new challenges and obstacles. But he ultimately secures his status as the master of tricks by winning.

This is a story written by an AI chatbot called ChatGPT for the third part of the movie ‘Drisham’ directed by Jeethu Joseph starring Mohanlal. Chatgpt wrote this based on a one-line prompt to suggest a story for ‘Drisham 3’.

In this way, artificial intelligence systems that write stories, poems, articles and create images and videos are called ‘Generative AI’.

The artistic performances of artificial intelligence, which are gaining ground in every field, are surprising the whole world. ‘Generative AI’ is being portrayed as the promise of the future as an area of ​​heavy investment, even as the IT sector continues to experience slowdowns and layoffs.

If you ask for a flower, it’s a flower season

Generative AI systems are like the genie or the genie in the bottle in Alauddin and the Miracle Lamp. Say what you want in a sentence or two and it will be created from nothing in seconds. Open AI’s ChatGPT, founded by Elon Musk, is one of the best AI systems with this kind of creativity. Answers to questions, brief descriptions, and large articles can all be created through ChatGPT. Computer program codes will also generate it in seconds.

Below is the code generated by chatgpt under the instruction Write a Python program that displays today’s date:

import datetime today =

print(“Today’s date is:”, today)

ChatGPT can be used to create websites and write complex programs. Students relying on ChatGPT to complete school assignments and researchers to prepare dissertations are currently undetectable. Copywriting software from anywhere on the Internet cannot recognize ChatGPT’s original writing. Generative AI’s ability to write stories, poems, and paintings will amaze true creative geniuses.

Famous painter Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’ in the style of Raja Ravi Varma. Image generated by MidGenie AI.

Below are the lines created by ChatGPT in three seconds after being asked to write a four-line poem on the beauty of Kerala:

The beauty of Kerala,

A paradise in the sun

The lush green forests and tranquil backwaters,

A land of joy for everyone!

As all works of chatgpt are original, the copyright of these stories and poems belongs to whoever gives the suggestion or prompt. Each word is composed by AI without copying from any article or website available on the internet. After memorizing billions of web pages available on the Internet through machine learning, ChatGPT creates original designs by imitating human style.

AI came, painter fell

An artist from Vietnam, Ang Nguyen Hong, posted a picture he drew on the social media site Reddit in the first week of January. The admin of that group (subreddit) not only removed the drawing he spent 100 hours on but also banned Hong. Hong’s painting was banned on the grounds that it was created by AI. Hong informed the admin with proof that it was a picture he created after spending a lot of time and effort. Then came the next reply- You know at a glance that your picture is drawn by AI. Now if it’s actually drawn by you, change the style.

The art world is protesting the admin’s reply. Many share the concern that the genie from the bottle will become the genie released from the jug when things reach the point where AI’s creative abilities will label all genuine artists as fakes.

Midgerny is one of the best AI systems in painting, such as Midgerny, Dal-E, Stable Diffusion, etc. If you describe in a few words what kind of picture you want, Midgerni will draw it in seconds. Copyright belongs to the person who gave the instructions. Given two or three images and asked to combine them, a third piece of art will be returned incorporating elements from both. Able to simulate thousands of drawing styles, Midgeni can combine more than one style to create a new style.

First in Mimicry is Wall-E

Wall-E is Microsoft’s AI that challenges the film stars and dubbing artists who stay up after shooting and before dubbing. It is an AI that can mimic the voice of individuals. If Wall-E listens to someone’s voice for 3 seconds, Wall-E will say whatever content we dictate in the same voice. It is impossible to identify which is the real sound and which is created by Wall-E. This is not advertised by Microsoft as these can be misused to create fake news and audio clips.

The picture was banned on social media Reddit because it looked like it was drawn by AI. An artist from Vietnam, Ang Nguyen Hong spent 100 hours drawing this picture.

Similar is the case with Imagen Video, Google’s AI that generates a video from a command in a sentence or two. This is also not available for public testing as it can be misused to create fake videos with dangerous consequences.

Free to try, online AI services

∙ Create video on demand –

– to create recipes based on available ingredients

∙ Logo Designing –

∙ To colorize black and white images –

∙ Subtitle from video –

∙ Children’s Literature by AI –

∙ Chat Based Search Engine –

∙ To summarize the content of large articles –

∙ To remove only the background of the photo –

∙ To turn fuzzy lines into pictures –

∙ To know what it will look like when you get older –

∙ And finally: the AI ​​that prepares the resignation letter –


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