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ranjini jose viral post, I love you Viju! Ranjini Jose’s post about Vijay Yesudas goes viral – ranjini jose shared a new post about vijay yesudas

Vijay Yesudas is progressing beyond the label of Yesudas’s son by gaining his own space. This was the most important thing while entering the industry. Dad was also insistent on that. Vijay got the chance to act while shining as a singer through various songs. He is progressing by proving that not only singing but also acting is flexible. All the pictures and posts shared by loved ones on Vijay’s birthday went viral. Ranjini Jose also came to congratulate Viju.

Ranjini’s post

Viju, Happiest Birthday. Ranjini wrote I love you forever. The singer also shared a beautiful picture with Vijay. Many people came with comments below the post. There were not only wishes but also questions about their friendship. Marriage was the question of some. The comment “I love you” made many people doubt.

Just friendship

Rumors that Ranjini and Vijay are in love have been circulating before. Those who read news about celebrities may find it interesting. But don’t forget that everyone is human. I have not informed the outside world about my personal life yet. No problems have been caused in any of the programs. No such complaints have been made against me.

It was said that day

It was said that day

If he tags me in a birthday post, I’m going to marry him. That’s how the news came. Don’t you also have friends and siblings, there is no limit to speaking and writing dirty words. Ranjani Jose said in an earlier video that strong action is needed in such matters.

About divorce

About divorce

Vijay had earlier stated that there were some problems in his married life and that he was breaking up with Darshan. He first revealed about the divorce when Flowers participated in Irokodi. As life partners we have decided to separate. We will always be there as parents in our children’s affairs. Vijay said that he wanted to respect our privacy.

Love marriage

Love marriage

Vijay and Darshan are married in love. At first sight, Darshan thought that Vijay was a Jada. It was only when I got to know him that I understood his character. Darshan’s family said that they would get married after completing their studies. Earlier Vijay said about marriage that he wanted it too.

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